Skill Training Programme

Skill Training Programme

Dress Making

Dress-making is one of the most popular professions among women and girls Because of job opportunity and fragility in employment modes. Trained women And girls can work at home and in their community and that is an attractive Factor for this sector.

Beauty culture  & Health Care

Beauty culture as a specialized profession is relatively new among the lower income group of women. But it is now getting popularity and more and more women are taking interest to get training this field. On the other hand women and girls of today are more conscious about health and beauty. As a result this new opportunity is being recognized by women and girls ant getting into professional training

Computer Application

While dress making and beauty culture is popular choice of different age groups of women and girls, computer application is primarily a choice of girls specially student, middle grade pass and even among dropout girls. This traded considered suitable for young girls looking to make career as computer operator.

Arts and Crafts

Training on arts and crafts includes artificial flower making, paper plate, dona and candle, artificial jewelry, paper carry bags, and stationery items.


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