Remedial Education Centre (D & I Block Sangam Vihar)

Remedial Education Centre (D & I Block Sangam Vihar)

Remedial Education Centre is a space where a platform of learning is provided to children for development atmosphere in form of education, participation, training and innovative activities. This is the beginning where they learn, share & demonstrate their inner talent.

Under the remedial centre project, Kalyanam had begun its educational services/activities for underprivileged children since June 2006. In Journey a campaign was launched in with a name “Getting Girls to school campaign”. Camps, rallies, admission drive activities and survey were organized and carried out.

At the same time, capacity building training was conducted for the Peer Educators. Tasks were assignment to the Peer Educators to conduct the workshops with other NGOs working in the similar field. Kalyanam Pear Educator conducted the workshop with children from Vijay Vigyan Foundation and children from.

On the basis of survey and interaction Kalyanam started Remedial Centre from the month of Feb. 2007. There are two such centres operating in Sangam Vihar. The beneficiaries of the centres are those children who are either dropouts from the regular schools or have never to in School due to various problems. These children are 6-14 years age group.

There are two RECs run by Kalyanam in Sangam Vihar:

  • D1/143, Ratia Marg. Sangam Vihar
  • I-2/288, Madhya Marg, Sangam Vihar (Adjoinig Ratia Marg)


Total Number of children : 90 ( 40 school going girls at I Block centre and 50 at D block cetre)
Number of Teachers : 2 and 1 coordinator for the both centres
Subject being taught at the Centres: : 1. Hindi
2. English
3. Math
4. Environmental Science (EVS)


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